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As a graphic designer and illustrator I focus on creating designs that help you effectively communicate your message and enable clients to emotionally connect with your product.

My working method is characterized by openness and sharp analysis executed in a powerful and playful visual language. My interest in the underlying dynamics of people and processes often provides surprising perspectives. I like working for small as well as large clients.

As a graphic designer I combine typography with illustration and photography resulting in outspoken products such as logos, posters, flyers and book covers.

As an illustrator I’m specialized in ‘translating’ complex information into accessible images. My illustrations, pictograms and information designs are clean, direct and simple, often eliciting a smile. They are used for websites, storyboards, animation, brochures, campaigns, magazines and books.
When working on projects for design agencies, I’m often part of the design team.

I’m especially interested in working with clients in the cultural, social, environmental and awareness field.
My studio is situated in the center of Rotterdam.

If you would like to discuss the possibillity of working together or if you have a question, feel free to contact me. I would love hearing from you.
> 06-13925613